Jan. 4th, 2011

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Today is the last day of Christmas vacation, and in celebration I let the kids eat chocolate pop tarts for breakfast. I promptly lost any points I had earned by becoming "Boring Mommy" and mopping the bathroom and kitchen. I won my points back by teaching Monster how to use her pottery wheel...but then I lost them again because I finally yelled, "Unless you are ON FIRE, do not talk to me until I am done making your dentist appointment and hang up this phone!"

And so it goes.

I'm not dying to get rid of the kids. I am glad they return to their respective places of learning this week, though, because this much togetherness is starting to wear thin. They are alternating between playing happily and making each other cry just for fun.

I made about 9 appointments today. Checkup, derm, haircut, kids' dentist, you name it. Let's get it all out of the way. I don't really want to think about how many co-pays it is all going to entail. Who wants to place bets on what the doc is going to say about the headaches? I think it'll be, hm, stress or hormones or a food sensitivity...bummer.

In good news, my erstwhile knitting has been located at the Hammond Park gym, and I can retrieve it and finally finish those damn socks.

On to the feeding that I forgot to post yesterday:
Mon: Falafel, sweet potato fries, sliced tomatoes, peppers
Tues: Curried tilapia, baked rice with butternut squash
Wed: Lasagna
Thurs: White bean enchiladas
Fri: Sausage & edamame linguine


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