Jan. 26th, 2011

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We would all do well to remember that an opinion based on a personal interpretation never leads to moral superiority, wouldn't we? Yet again and again, we allow ourselves to get embroiled in the stupidest debates in which the outcome does not matter and those who find themselves morally superior resort to labeling those who do not agree. It's always disappointing, particularly when it is someone of whom we are fond, and we find that there is no license to disagree.

I always find it interesting when people invoke scenarios that are not only unproven, but beside the point. People do love the exception, don't they? Point out that perhaps people who see perversion everywhere might be perverts, and someone always steps up with the sex abuse theory. I'm curious how understanding we would be if someone's abuse history led him to a conclusion outside the prevailing ethos: what if his abuse caused him to see homosexuality as evil? Would we sympathize, or demand that he overcome offending us? It's difficult to remain morally superior when we recall that most of us are likely an exception somehow. While this instructs us to avoid generalization--and wisely so--it does often make us forget that others' motivations will rarely match our own.

One would think we'd learn that when we hold an opinion contrary to one that is popular in a group, we can expect that the group's tolerance or ability to concede other possibilities will be limited. It is the same reason I often avoid popular blogs, since many devolve into someone orating from a soapbox about the wrongness of others while the minions pat each other's backs in sympathetic superiority: aren't people stupid? People are sheep. Why can't they see what we see?

I don't think most people are stupid sheep. I figure that most of them, like me, draw from what we know to make the best decisions we can and form opinions. I might not agree with you, but I can appreciate your opinion if you've put some thought into it. Oh, and yes, we're talking about opinions that are based on interpretation, not when people are in complete denial of facts.
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My ear was all plugged this morning, so I kept rubbing it. Apparently I damaged some of those little hairs in there, because now whenever people talk to me, their speech is accompanied by beeping. Like, a beep with every word, faintly, like an unsuccessful censor that doesn't quite block out the objectionable words.

Suffice it to say that this is annoying.

I have filled my ear with garlic oil and a cotton ball, but the beeping is still maddening. Particularly because my chatty sidekick is narrating our entire day--not that I don't love to hear him talk, but the beeping is driving me batshit. I am about to duct tape a wadded-up sock over my ear to muffle it, I swear.

I've done this once before, a few years ago, and I think it took a couple of days to quit. That time it was a periodic BONG noise, like the kind you hear in the mall when someone needs a manager.

Could be worse, I suppose. This is not nearly as painful as the time Anya ripped all of my eyelashes out on one eye.


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