Feb. 7th, 2011

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Isn't it funny how people ask that?

Ever had one of those days where you get up after being awake all night in the throes of DS, and then have to take your kid to the ER because his ped thinks he has H1n1 hamthrax, and then you come home thinking you might finally get a nap and a break from the Devil Head to find your sobbing neighbor on your steps because the long-simmering domestic dispute has finally boiled over, and then you practically body-block a friend who probably is desperate to escape once she sees the drama in your house today (she just wanted to drop off dinner, man!) because her baby is the one thing that has made your big kid smile in days, and then you wind up alternating between shaking and sweating all day but at least for once you aren't vomiting, and then you have to stand out in the rain while you're running a fever, having contracted the evil virus of your son who has lovingly blown it in your face every night, to explain to the cops what is going on from an objective standpoint, and then to realize that hours later your now-homeless neighbor is still sitting in your living room in possession of your phone while you and your son both shake again with ague and your husband is going out of town the next day?

Yeah, man, me too.


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