Feb. 27th, 2011

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We went bowling this afternoon as part of a birthday party. The kids had a great time, but the funniest part went right over their heads.

One mom realized halfway through that Ez had been in the lead the whole time, so she started "helping" her daughter--helping being practically snatching the ball from her hands in order to roll it. Big Ez kept plugging along, bowling every frame all by himself without even the help of the ramp for the first time. He was totally unaware he was in the lead until the mother hollered to her kid, "C'mon, you can beat Ezra! You can catch up to him!" He looked at her, surprised, then turned to me and said, "Am I winning?" I told him he was ahead but it wasn't over yet, so not to get punchy about it. He kept on bowling.

Finally near the last frame, the mother sat next to me and said, "So, you must bowl a lot." I said no, I didn't think we'd been for months, and that this was his first time not using the ramp. She said, "What ramp?" I explained about the cheat ramp for little kids, and she said, "Ohhhh, so you're old hands at this. No wonder."

It was killing me, y'all.

I said, "No, like I said, he hasn't been in months and this is his first time totally on his own. He just likes to bowl."

She didn't say anything until the last frame, then jumped up and went to help her kid, telling her, "This is your last chance to beat Ezra! You can catch him!" She didn't catch him.

Big Ez pulled out a 94, all on his own. He asked if he won, and I said, "You didn't just win in your lane; you beat ALL the other kids!" He was pleased, but didn't rub it in to anyone--although he did enjoy whispering to a couple of parents that he beat ALL the other children. Yes, when he told that mom, I did chuckle.


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:06 pm
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I forgot to mention this, and some of you will appreciate it. My sister and dad found a Harley Barbie that had been in storage at my parents' house for ages and decided to give it to Anya. On the back is a long thing about the lure of the open road and "comradary" of riding.

Yes, "comradary."


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