Mar. 5th, 2011

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That's a zombie noise. Picture me dragging my bad leg, one eye half-closed, making that zombie noise. Now, explain to Big Ez what he's doing to Mommy.

I think I broke him. We've been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks. Nonstop STUFF to DO, we're all over the place as t-ball and soccer start up and one dog has to go to the vet and both schools have their auctions and just on and on and on. The boy has held up well for most of it. He's such a good-natured dude, and he just goes along where I go without complaining. Target? Okay. Vet's office? Sure, Mommy.

I noticed on Thursday that he had gotten up really early for the last couple of days. He's usually an early riser, but popping out of bed at 5:30 is even early for him. He was starting to get a little tired earlier--no tears, but once or twice he informed me, "My little legs just can't go any farther, Mommy." So I picked him up and we kept on going. Thursday evening he has a standing date with his buddy Spencer, whose two brothers go to Cuong Nhu with Monster. Their dad and I take turns either taking the big kids or keeping the little boys, and Ez always has a great time. He and Spencer are totally copacetic, and I'm rather bummed that S's birthday is May and E's is November because that puts them a year apart in kindergarten. Alas, I suppose that was too much to hope since the middle brother is probably Anya's closest friend in the world and we're lucky that they're in the same class for the second year running. Anyway, Ez and Spencer were playing just fine when Ez randomly burst into tears and told S's dad that he needed his mother. Apparently it didn't last that long and he was redirected with a generous helping of cheddar bunnies and Scooby-doo, but it's not his style to have a breakdown at someone's house. When I picked him up I asked him what happened, and he said, "I just needed you. I'm tired."

The boy does not admit when he is tired.

Friday he got up early AGAIN, after coming in my room and steamrolling me for two hours before I kicked him and Pete out at 6. He went to Mighty Mites camp for a little while, and he adores MM camp. He loves the coach, who is really fond of him too. When I picked him up, Todd told me that at one point he had told them not to do something, which E immediately did, and Todd, being surprised because E never misbehaves in MM, made him sit out for a minute. Apparently while he sat out for his minute, big fat tears rolled down and he wouldn't talk to Todd. He just sat there with his hands on his face, and then was fine for the rest of class.

I knew he was exhausted. I figured he's just been completely worn out this week and needs a break from everything, so I made no big plans this weekend (and I'm secretly glad his first t-ball game got rained out). Last night he had a nightmare, woke up at 12:30, and came to me, resulting in a total lack of sleep. Normally when he sneaks in he goes right back to sleep, and he hardly ever wakes and comes in anymore anyway, but the last couple of nights have been restless, rolling, nightmares. I'm fried. He's totally exhausted and bursts into tears over everything this morning. Poor dude is just not himself. We both need about four days' worth of uninterrupted sleep.


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