Mar. 11th, 2011

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(By the way, if you haven't been around long enough to know why they're called buffalo, ask. I'll explain.)

Ez and I were reading some books together a couple of days ago. We had just finished Mouse Cookies and were moving on to Ferdinand when he pretended to fall asleep and let his head fall back on me. I pretended to fall asleep too, and started fake-snoring. He put his forehead on mine and said, "Hey!" I opened my eyes and said, "Are you Santa?" He cracked up (sometimes his standards aren't so high) and told me to do it again.

Several times I pretended to be asleep and he'd pop up and say something silly, and I'd open my eyes, exhibiting surprise, gasp, and say, "Are you an elf/monster/missionary/terrorist?" We were both just feeling a little silly, obviously.

At one point when he popped up I did the wide-eyed surprise and said, "Are you a ghost?" He froze, his smile faded, and he looked nervously over his shoulder at his bedroom. Then he shook his head seriously and said, "Not that one, Mommy." He looked back at his bedroom and said, "Maybe we better just read some more."


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