Apr. 8th, 2011


Apr. 8th, 2011 12:19 pm
lemon_says: (Luchadores)
I wanted the kids to put clean clothes into a bag to go play at Grandma's (you never know what's going to happen over there, but it often requires a costume change), and I called both of them. I could hear them playing a variant of tag and I knew neither heard me, so I called them again. I suspect they heard me that time, but were slow in responding.

So I yelled, "Would my favorite child come here, please?"

They were knocking each other down to get to me first, and we all got tickled.


I got out of the shower to find Ez eating (yet another) soft pretzel. We made these big soft ones yesterday, and even though they were good last time, this time I boiled them in baking soda water prior to baking, and they are PERFECT.

I said, "What are the odds you washed your hands after playing in the yard and with the inchworms before you ate that?"

He took another bite and said, "It's good for my immune system?"


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