Apr. 13th, 2011

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The only thing I hate about PBS (besides Caillou, but everyone hates Caillou. That's like saying "I hate terrorists") is that everything is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese. That damn rat puts coupons in places where you don't expect them, too. Open a movie and there's a coupon in the box. Try to enjoy an episode of Super Why and there's the rat, beckoning you to his hotbed of wasted tokens (unless, like me, you are a skee-ball master, and even then you get 947 tickets to get what amounts to a $27 pencil).

I didn't even particularly like Chuck E. Cheese (then known as Showbiz Pizza) as a kid, and I sure as hell don't want to go now. Monster is doing her level best to bribe/blackmail/bully me into taking her. Today she said, "Evan is asking his mom if it is okay for him to come to Chuck E. Cheese with me."

I said, "That's nice. Will she be taking you, also? I AM NOT GOING TO CHUCK E. CHEESE."

It has now become a thing, the principle of which is that I am not going to be browbeaten into defeat by a six-year-old.

She is at least starting to shift her focus and is referring to when Daddy takes her to Chuck E. Cheese, so maybe she'll start badgering P about it.


Apr. 13th, 2011 04:23 pm
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Today is trash day. One of my neighbors (I have my suspicions as to who) left a big bag of dog poop in my trash can, which is at the curb. My problem with this is that it was deposited there AFTER the trash was picked up, thus leaving my trash can with a large bag of poo at the bottom of it for a full week, during which the temperature will climb to 80*.

The only people who walk around the side of my house with their dogs are the ones who live on the block, meaning that whoever chose to facilitate our trash can was likely mere yards from his own. On the upside, it wasn't left in the yard, but still.

Speaking of tacky. Remember the friend I have who had the pregnant friend who asked her to make her family dinner three nights a week and bring it 35 miles to her at dinnertime, and then complained that there was too much garlic when my friend took spaghetti? She's near to her due date, and having a shower. For her second baby. Who is the same sex as her first child, who is only 3. And she's hosting the shower herself. I can't even decide which part of this equation is the tackiest, all of them ranking pretty high on the scale.
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