Apr. 15th, 2011


Apr. 15th, 2011 05:40 pm
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As we know, Anya loses things. Today it is her foot necklace, which is a ball chain with small plastic feet on it. They are distributed by the PE teacher, a foot for a certain number of laps run. They're apparently quite the badge of honor regarding physical fitness, and many of the kids at school wear theirs regularly. Usually she takes it off and puts it in a bowl in the bathroom, but it doesn't seem to be there.

When I told her to look for it, she goes and stands in the middle of a room and spins in slow circles.

Given that this is not entire dissimilar from how her father looks for things, I am perplexed but not shocked at her lack of searching prowess, also reflected by her brother. The primary difference between them and their father is that he only listens to the first part of instructions: "It is in the kitchen, over the dishwasher, second shelf." When he returns empty-handed, I go to the location specified and retrieve the item, at which point he says, "Oh, I just looked on the kitchen table."

Sometimes I say, "It's on the white bookshelf in your room." There is only one white bookshelf in their room, so there is not room for interpretation here. She goes into her room and stands there, probably wondering why she is in her room. "Mommy, I can't find it!"

Sometimes I say, "It's on the floor behind you." This is sometimes greeted with a wide-eyed stare that indicates that I am speaking Urdu. Ez, who can explain some engineering concepts, will look slowly at the ceiling. "Behind you." He turns, still looking up. I say, "On the floor. BY YOUR FOOT. YOU ARE ABOUT TO STEP ON IT." He'll look around as if he has just been teleported here from some alternate universe. Finally, he looks down as he steps on the item in question, and then says, "I found it!"

This time I said, "I am not helping you look until I see actual effort on your part in finding it." First she said, "I AM looking. I am looking and playing with my DS at the same time."

I sat down to post this instead of looking.

Concerned that I mean it this time, she is in her room, actually crawling around and looking under things, a heretofore unknown concept. Maybe I'll go help.


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