Apr. 20th, 2011

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He hasn't worded it that way, fortunately. He has asked a couple of times this week, "Why do kids act ugly" and "What's wrong with him," and finally today I said, "Ez, some kids are just jerks. The more time I spend with other kids, the happier I am that I got you."

Today at the grocery store we were in line behind a woman and boy Big Ez's age. Ez, having found the hidden puppy, was cheerfully munching his reward taffy and leaning against the cart. The boy in the other cart pointed at the taffy and shouted, "That's MINE!" Then he swatted his hand several times at Ez as if he wanted to hit him.

I glared at the kid with a mean face. His mother grabbed his hand and said, "Alex, STOP IT," and then said to me, "SOMEone needs a nap."

Ez said, "Yeah, SOMEONE does." Alex swatted at him a couple more times, so Ez said, "You are not a nice kid." Alex reached over and knocked all the mints off the shelf and screamed. His mother tossed the mints back onto the shelf and told Alex he wasn't getting some treat-or-other, so Alex threw a yogurt to the floor and laughed. As his mother pushed the cart away, Ez said, "Better take that nap, man!"

The cashier cracked up and gave Ez a whole sheet of stickers. Big Ez told him, "I usually only get four. Why do I get eight today?" The clerk grinned and said, "Because you aren't that kid."

I swear, sometimes I am so relieved that my two are not the squalling, bossy, snarky brats that we run into on a regular basis. I'm not saying this as someone who doesn't like kids, either; I usually like kids at least as much as adults. But damn sometimes it's tiresome listening to some of these kids at Mighty Mites or the park with their "MINE" (especially when it's not) and "GIVE ME THAT NOW" and "YOU AREN'T MY FRIEND" and crap like that. I can't stand to hear that kind of trash coming out of a kid. A couple of the kids we were around today are like that, screeching over not getting to pop all the bubbles or if someone else gets to sit on the blue square first, and God forbid everyone doesn't want to play the game they want to play.

Also, not that mine are never guilty of being jerks--earlier today there was a terrible row because Anya pretended to eat the last piece of imaginary pizza, and no, I'm not making that up. I'm just so grateful that they don't default to mean when they don't get their way. (At least not with other kids. That's not to say sometimes they aren't recreationally mean to each other.)

I know I mention this a lot--you guys all know I like my kids, and I'm sure you either get tired of hearing how great they are or you assume I'm delusional--but it's just so prevalent some days that you just wouldn't believe it. Most of the kids in both A's & E's classes are genuinely nice kids, thank goodness. Sometimes I just wonder if the parents whose kids are jerks even notice, and if some of them realize what great ones they have.

And yes, I KNOW every kid has off days, and there are invisible disorders that can be at the root of some behaviors, like autism, but the ones of whom I am thinking are not affected by organic problems. They're pretty much just Dunwoody brats.


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