May. 10th, 2011

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Whn I rd Anya's wrtng, I alwys wndr wht she hs agnst vwls.

The kid can read vowels. She knows why they're there. She can often tell you which one is missing. Why she shorthands everything I do not know. Sometimes reading her writing is like trying to read my old college notes (back in the dark ages we took notes by hand, on paper.), since I would leave out vowels for purposes of speed. It was always easy to read the notes, until you got a few months out and forgot what the hell that lecture was about anyway. Then it was like reading hieroglyphics, but by then the quarter was over and it didn't really matter what the gelatinous goo on the outside of a frog egg is called.

I asked her one day why she does it. I said, "I'm curious. You can read, and you know what these same words are when you read them, so why don't you write them that way?" She just looked at me for a second and said, "I have no idea. Sometimes I don't have time. Maybe I'm just not that smart." And she skipped off.

Well, all right then.


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