May. 13th, 2011

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I think Monster managed to fly under it a lot this year.

Her teachers like her fine, best I can tell. Hell, everybody likes her. But we get these weekly reports and every one of hers is pretty much the same. She's wonderful, she's the class problem-solver and people person, she's friends with everyone, she's so easy.

I kind of don't want her to be easy. I was glad when she had her one incident of getting a time-out for talking, because it meant that they noticed her.

Anya doesn't necessarily like to be noticed. She likes for us to, of course, and people she loves, but once there's a group of people she'd rather pull up her hoodie and make like wallpaper. Sometimes I worry that her being so easy leads to her being below the radar. They did tell me that she rarely raises her hand--she lives in mortal terror of giving a wrong answer, and prefers you assume she doesn't know nothin' about nothin'--and is hesitant to share her ideas, so I'm glad that they did see that. But sometimes I feel a bit like they don't know what to say in her assessments or conferences. This year if I asked how she was doing in something, they'd kind of glance at each other like the other one might have a better answer. (Some of this might be unrelated to her specifically; I don't think that this teaching team has entirely hit its stride, and there are parents who will be surprised if one of the teachers returns at all. I'd be a little surprised if they were a team again next year, frankly. I like them both all right, but they never really seemed to match like her teachers did last year. Frankly, I'd prefer one of her teachers from last year just kept moving up with her, just for me.)

Yeah, I know it's the end of the year. I'm also thinking of next year, and the one after that. I had mentioned to them a couple of times this year that I was concerned about Monster's tendency to lie low, but I'm not sure that ever clicked, really.

I was talking about this earlier with a friend, whose son--whom I adore--has had his own challenges at school, and she teased me about my sob story about my perfect child. I totally see where's she's coming from on that; it does sound like I'm finding something to worry about or complain about with all of this. I just wish that I had some kind of sense that even though she's easy, that doesn't mean she's floating by without anyone noticing if she needs a life preserver, or applause, from time to time.


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