May. 16th, 2011

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We did not ruin the surprise with the then-gender-neutrally-named Tater and 2.0. I always thought it was kind of neat not to find out, although I had repeated dreams that Monster was a girl, and those of you around back then might remember I got PUPPPs with Ez, indicating that he was indeed a he. I wasn't surprised with either, but I didn't have confirmation until (both times) I hollered "WHAT IS IT" about four times before someone answered me and plunked a baby on my chest. Even if we had wanted to ruin the surprise with Anya, we couldn't have. She kept her knees tightly clamped together and gave up nothing. The tech said, "It's a good thing you didn't want to know," and we all chuckled. Everything we bought was neutral. The bedroom (in which she didn't sleep until she was 8 months old) was yellow. The car seat was navy with a tasteful pale plaid.

I'm not a label-the-baby kind of parent, I suppose. I didn't bury Monster in an avalanche of pink; Ez had no wallpaper border of trucks and airplanes. Since they share a room it has remained gender-neutral. For several years P and I had collected original art from local festivals, and when we did a baby room we realized that we had several pieces with animals, so those went up in there.

I always find it a little jarring when people have a room so themed that it looks like a Babies R Us circular. And what makes normally sane people put up wallpaper borders, I have no idea, but to each his own.

Providing this child cooperates, we will be ruining the surprise tomorrow at the behest of Tater and 2.0. Anya claims it is simply "rude" to keep calling the baby "it" (no nickname has really stuck), and Ez has announced that since he would prefer a sister, if this is a boy he needs "time to get used to it."

I remain reluctant to make any big announcements, though. I figure this is one of those things that is far more interesting to us than to bystanders, and feel a bit odd about assuming people are just dying to know. Some I know are, and have given me explicit instructions to text immediately following the sonogram. I also know that most of the time when I have a friend who is expecting, we do generally enjoy playing the "what is it" game. Obviously I won't be keeping it a secret, since I doubt Monster and Big Ez are capable of doing so for 20 more weeks (unlike the name, which will not cross my lips until there is a baby in my arms to whom I might attach it, as is our custom).

Thus, if you are interested--and please know I'm not going to be mortally insulted if you are not--feel free to cast your vote. Anya is voting for a boy, and Ez for a girl. I think P would secretly prefer another girl. I have no opinion; I have long said that because I enjoy having a sister I would like Anya to have one, but she certainly seems not to be suffering for lack of one and as I like both my boy and my girl just fine, a repeat of either will do nicely.

ETA: Forgot to mention that the children are making regular contributions to the name list. So far Ezra's favorites are Lily and Michael (his own middle name, because "it's a good name and it's after me!") and Anya's are Luna and Moses. (Could be worse. She could have selected Shadrach or Jedediah if she's going biblical with the boy name.) Just so you know, none of these are on my top list.


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