Jun. 1st, 2011

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I helped out at VBS today. I learned a new song, mostly because Ez keeps singing it at the top of his lungs, and I hope this doesn't indicate a penchant for contemporary Christian rock because that stuff is lame.

We'll-call-her-Sybil and I got on great today, and she raised herself in my esteem by being funny. There was also this one kid there who was eeeevil. I was working with them making quilt blocks with fabric markers, and this kid refused to participate in anything except kicking people and screaming. Sybil said she'd just make one for her and wondered aloud what to draw on it, so I suggested a little devil face. She laughed and drew a happy little scene, and then added tiny little horns to to the little girl's head. We decided to tell people they're ears if anyone notices.

I told the kids about six times that the quilt pieces would be put together and the whole thing hung in the church on Sunday, so to remember that and keep the drawings appropriate. My suggestion fell on deaf ears, and Sunday will bring an array of vampires, Pokemon, and unicorns. One of my favorite kids went deaf on me and drew a green vampire. I said, "Oh, that will be perfect for church on Sunday!" He said, "Oh, I forgot! What do I do?" I suggested a halo, so now Bob the vampire is sporting a halo for his Sunday best. If I were his mom (who is probably reading this) I'd frame that one.

In addition to Evil Child, there is also Troubled Child. Troubled Child had several parent complaints against him yesterday for bullying during aftercare. I recommended a group beatdown on him, but it was instead decided to contact his parents. I assume they'll give him a talking-to that he'll ignore. Perhaps then my suggestion of an elementary-age blanket party will be considered.

Troubled child, for his quilt block, provided this:Photobucket

Why yes, those are open graves and headstones. I have removed his name from the bottom, but Photobucket sometimes loads funny when you edit a photo, so if you see his name tell me and I'll redo it. My intention is not to rat out anyone, and clearly Troubled Child is troubled. He's what, 10? 11? He also does not talk to other children or smile. Ever. He seems like a very unhappy kid, which is sad, but being unhappy doesn't mean you get to kick around people who are littler than you. Basically this kid is wearing a neon sign that says "Disturbed." (No, this drawing wasn't the only indication of that, although there's something about it that is more distressing than the others' even if theirs did include a cyclops, a couple of skulls, and at least one dinosaur. I don't know him well personally, but he's well-known in the 'hood.)

I'm back again tomorrow, presumably doing some other craft that Evil Child will refuse and Troubled Child will bastardize while the remaining kids play along with pretending to travel to different islands and learn different lessons.


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