Jun. 2nd, 2011

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We were driving past the high school, which was very crowded this morning.

Anya: What's going on at the high school?
Me: Probably graduation.
Anya: Where you graduate to being an adult?
Me: Heh, no, it just means that you finished high school.
Anya: Then what?
Me: College.
Ezra: Then what?
Me: Depends. Most people get jobs. Some people go to graduate school. Daddy and I both did. It's more school where you specialize in something.
Anya: What did you and Daddy study?
Me: I did writing, and Daddy did architecture. Then when he finished that he did another graduate degree in architecture.
Anya: So Daddy graduated three times for architecture?
Me: Yes.
Ezra: Daddy had to go to school three times to learn same thing?


Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:01 pm
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I made the error of watching So You Think You Can Dance with the children. They are now begging for hip hop lessons. Even the girl who wore rubber boots and a hoodie to ballet class wants to go back to dance lessons "as long as there's no tutu."

Like I'm going to say no to dance lessons. How early should I start teaching them ballroom basics?


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