Jun. 3rd, 2011

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Have you ever noticed that when you have children, even the slightest thing can turn into a whole bizarre discussion? You say one thing, and one of the little pitchers says, "What does X mean," or something like that, and then you have to explain at least something, and then you're embroiled in this whole THING.

So the ghetto bird is making tight circles over our house, and there are several cops driving up and down the street. This is not entirely uncommon, so I didn't pay much attention until one of them started walking up and down the street that runs along the side of my house--at which point I told Anya that no, she could not go outside to play. We need to go to the store, but I wanted to know if we need to be aware of a violent offender running around or something.

Obviously this is a big enough deal that there are a ton of cops looking for someone, so I figured it would be on the news. Of course it isn't, but we're all sitting here waiting and the kids are speculating that there is a bad bank robber wandering the neighborhood and just waiting to climb in our windows.

But while we're watching the news, they start talking about John Edwards' indictment. I said, "GOOD." Anya asked what, and I said, "That is a bad, bad man. He's a liar and a thief, and he could have done so much good if he didn't do bad things instead."

She asked, "So that's guy is the bad man?" I said yes, and then it wasn't until Big Ez said, "How long are they going to look for him?" that I realized that they now think that John Edwards has robbed a bank and is running loose in our neighborhood.

To hell with it; we're going to Target.


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