Jun. 5th, 2011

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1. I keep seeing people mentioning "chipmonks." Every time I see that, I picture a bunch of peaceful little chipmunks with tonsures.

2. I'm noticing a mom trend around here that makes me curious. I've noticed that of the most cliquish moms in the 'hood, there seems to be a prevalence of sons. If they have daughters, they're younger, but most have none. I'm wondering if there is something to that, or if it is mere coincidence. It seems odd to be just coincidence, though. I wonder if it's a subconscious thing, to exclude or avoid girls and moms of girls, or if they are deliberately not cultivating friendships between kids of different sexes for their kids. Perhaps it's the subconscious desire to hold up sons as the prize, giving one elevated status to be the Mother Of Boys, that we pretend not to have here in the US, but that those of us with daughters know quite well. It is absolutely NOT all moms of boys--many of A's best friends are boys, and their moms are awesome--but this Alpha thing seems so much more common among moms of boys. So, put down your defensive arms and let us discuss rationally. Do you notice more Alpha Clique stuff among moms of girls or boys, or neither? I'm curious what it is like in other neighborhoods. Perhaps this is unique to mine.

3. I showed this photo to my mom, and she said, "I told you to knock their horns off at birth. Now look at them!"

Obviously we went to Ren Fest yesterday.

4. We're going to church this morning. I'm still debating which is more important: community church that isn't the right denomination, or the right denomination where we don't know anyone yet.
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We went to the Methodist church where the kids went to VBS today. It's a nice church and it was a nice (if loooooong) service, but I think I'm still going to head back over to my old one soon. I just didn't get the same feeling I do at All Saints', and that kind of thing isn't really something you choose. There was nothing objectionable; it was perfectly pleasant and the kids enjoyed it. They sang with the VBS group and participated in the children's service, and you know Ez never met a microphone he didn't like.

They both got mad at me because I wouldn't let them go up and take Communion.

See, I was raised Baptist, and as a Baptist, you don't take Communion until you're baptized and know WHY you're taking Communion. Both kids were baptized into the Episcopal church so it's not like we'd break any canonical law if they did take it, but I just don't feel like they're as familiar with that aspect of church yet. There were heated whispers: "Mommy, EVAN is getting bread! Why can't we have bread? Cate got bread! All my friends get bread!" "NO FAIR!" "Is that juice? Do they get juice?"

I hissed at them to hush, so Anya slumped into the pew and snapped, "Fine, I'll just go home and have bread...and I'll put butter on it."

We've read the OT stories several times and the Jesus stories, but haven't really spent as much time on the events surrounding the Crucifixion. They know about it and everything, but I knew they didn't really remember the Last Supper. I said, "The fact that you both want to butter Communion and sulk about it shows that I made the right call. We will read this story again when we get home. Now, you are at God's house acting like a brat, so if I were you I'd knock it off."

At this point, Ez remembered that God can always see you, so he started looking around, slightly paranoid, to see where God was. Pete and I got the giggles, made worse when some of the responses and prayers were ever-so-slightly different from the Episcopal ones and we wound up stuttering over them. The most notable one was the Confession, which is a bit more hairshirt-y than ours, but there were enough slight differences that we both moved to lip-syncing by the end of the service. At any rate, it is a nice church with a lovely community and we'd be happy to attend from time to time; I'm just not sure it gives me the sense of peace that I had at All Saints'.

Thus the bedtime story tonight was that of the Last Supper, so that they might have an understanding of why one takes Communion, and why one does not require a pat of butter.


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