Jul. 5th, 2011

Two things.

Jul. 5th, 2011 05:57 pm
lemon_says: (Huh?)
Thing of the first: I'm sad that people feel compelled to make snarky comments about the Anthony trial, and anyone who DID follow it. It's a murdered kid, you know? That half of Florida helped look for for six months. And it seems so strange to be smug about being willfully ignorant of a current event that was all over every news source of any degree of repute. Not having closely followed it, fine. But making nasty cracks about how this was just a media thing and all that? Seriously? You're just blowing off a murdered kid? Wow, you are way cooler than I am, if that seems hip to you. (Again, if I already talked to you on FB about this, I'm not talking about you.)

I'm not talking about people who didn't know every detail; I don't expect people to follow every trial, and this one was particularly awful. I'm a little surprised at the "Casey who" comments, because frankly, that's bullshit unless you were LITERALLY living under a rock. I just am sorry that in all this fuss, somewhere the fact that a small child was thrown in the woods to rot seems to have slipped the radar.

Thing of the second: Read this article, but read the link first if you're inclined to be all trigger-y.

Please explain to me who is more screwed up, the journalist, or the "close friend" who helped her work through this PTSD issue.


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