Jul. 16th, 2011

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Yes, I do.

But no, I'm not telling.

My mother knows that we don't share the names until there's a baby here to accept the burden of what we've chosen, but she still tries to trip me up from time to time. Today's effort resulted in me telling her we've selected Guadalupe.

My mother, you might recall, said, "But what are you going to call him," when I told her Ezra's name. I said, very slowly, "Ezzzzzraaaaaa." Then she sort of snapped out of it and decided it was her favorite boy name ever. She had been surprised because it was rather old-fashioned. Not too long ago I had someone ask me, "Is that one of those new, trendy names?" I said, "Well, new, like Moses or Noah is new." That got a blank stare, so I clarified that it was one of those trendy Biblical names.

Some of you might not know Anya's name is really Aniele (pronounced sort of like ahn-YELL, although it's really got a diphthong in the middle and is more of an ahn-IELL, but people have trouble with that). Nobody but my dad and I ever call her Aniele, but she likes it and says she's glad she has a "secret real name" that she likes as much as her nickname. It was P's great-grandmother's name and I loved it the first time I heard it, so there was no debate on her name. We bounced around a couple of names for Ez but actually decided pretty quickly.

This time, I have pretty much abandoned any notion of cooperative effort. P asked if I had thought about names and I said, "Yes. I like these two. Pick which you like better." I've read all the names in the world. Two times before I have played on the Baby Name Wizard (man, you can waste some time on that site, even if you aren't anywhere near having a baby), and with E I have weighed and considered and discussed. It's not that I don't appreciate P's input, but really, I'm not entertaining other first-name suggestions at this time. Strictly speaking, he picked A's, we both picked E's, and now it's my turn. I'm not entirely unreasonable; if he'd hated my choices I gave him enough time to get used to them. ;)


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