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Oh my GAWD, is there anything more painful than car shopping? If it weren't so irritating it'd be hilarious. Apparently P's biggest issue was not that he wants to keep the Scion so much, but that he misunderstood how used a car I was willing to accept and thought the ones I liked (rather, the ones that WOULD WORK) were too expensive. He was thinking I didn't want anything more than like a year old. Why, yes, that would be lovely...and totally unrealistic. (See, we would have known this earlier, but because of activity the last couple of weeks, almost every conversation we've had recently has been via email, including the one about the baby's name. I was about to put up "Have you seen me" signs, but then I woke up and someone in my bed was snoring, so I assumed he'd turned up after all.)

A Great Big Car Payment is especially unrealistic because his company just re-upped insurance and Humana is freaking out over Obamacare, so our insurance payments are now jacked up to about $800 per month with $75 co-pays, and having a baby is treated like a surgery and will cost us $5000 out of pocket. I'm still so angry about that that I could spit nails, but let's not talk about that right now because it makes me get all cross-eyed and sweaty and profane.

Anyway. Cars. So, the most important thing to know about car shopping is that the ones that get the best reviews tend to be made by people like Audi and Mercedes, and then we are patronized by the reviews that refer to anything less as "cheap" or "sluggish," things like that. Even the CR recommended picks have cons, of course, but it gets tiresome to read about everything that could be less than perfect about the only cars that are realistic. Gee, the Buick SUV is roomier than the Kia? No shit?

And you read some of the recommended picks and have to wonder how the hell that car got recommended, if "stopping distances in our braking tests were disappointing." And the ones that CR rates highest have lower-than-median owner satisfaction rates. [livejournal.com profile] themysteriousg, I honestly am beginning to believe that you would do just as well to throw a dart at the board with all the third-row SUVs listed and your odds would be just as good. Pick one that's a pretty color. It don't matter.

I think we have reached a point where there is simply too much research available.

But lo, we are now "on the same page," as they would say in one of the seminars in which poor P has been trapped for days on end, so now it may begin truly in earnest. I think. So we shall peruse Consumer Reports and Edmunds and decide if we would prefer to have a car that brakes or one that has a functioning transmission.
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