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I see on the chart I Googled that the tenth anniversary is marked with gifts of tin or aluminum. We're going car shopping. Does that count?

So, ten years ago, my mother asked P if he really knew what he was getting into, and P and I giggled our way through our beach ceremony a couple months after we started dating, feeling like we were getting away with something.

And here we are, having been married longer than all three of Jennifer Lopez's put together.

And really, I can only think of a couple of times that I would have hit him with a blunt instrument and buried him under the house if that hadn't meant I'd have to go work in an office again. (Closest he ever came was when Anya was a baby and never slept and at one point he actually said to me, "You need to do something about this." He saw the error of his statement before it was even all the way out of his mouth, but he still hastened to get away from any projectiles headed his direction. I'll grant the man was sleep-deprived too. Anyway.)

I honestly had forgotten the date until I looked at the corner of my computer while I was checking FB. It's not that we don't care; it's that if nearly every day is nice, you don't have to try so hard to make the anniversaries perfect.
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