Jan. 12th, 2011

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We're on the third day of being thoroughly iced in, and we're running out of things to do. We're also running low on milk. Snow is fun for a day or two, but after that it stops being fun and starts being a cold pain in the ass (or, in my case, a more literal pain in the hip).

Even the kids are getting a little tired of being cold outside, having done more sledding than I think I did in my entire childhood, and the layer of ice on top of the remaining snow makes it difficult to build a snowman or form snowballs. During a sledding outing yesterday, P managed to separate his shoulder and we dug the car out for a trip to the ER. He's okay, but in a sling and not able to sled or do much playing in the snow. My leg has gotten stiffer and stiffer, so I'm somewhat limited in what I can do also, and it's frustrating. Beth came by yesterday afternoon to watch the kids while P and I headed to Atlanta Medical, and it was a lovely change of pace for all the kids.

P is trying to work from home, and has therefore taken over the kitchen for his daylong conference calls. You can imagine how well that's going over for the children, being hushed in their own house where they too are trapped. I've been up since four, my leg making it difficult to sleep well, so we're all a bit fragile and bored.

Auntie Pip offered to brave the roadways and come by later, and although I would normally tell her not to attempt the roads, I merely suggested she drive slowly. Her presence will be a relief for the kids, and for me, lest I turn into Jack Nicholson's character from The Shining and go berserk. I was going to bake with the kids, but I don't think we're allowed to use the kitchen. Maybe we'll do a Mommy Project in the middle of the living room floor.

In short, we've had a good time, but we're done now and would like to return to our regularly-scheduled 50-degree winter.


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