Jan. 27th, 2011

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I have always gotten a kick out of the web site ThereIFixedIt. My dad has been known to come up with several dubious fixes--he once mended our fence with a downed speed limit sign, which I'm sure thrilled our covenant-lacking subdivision--and I have from time to time had to MacGyver a few things.

A few weeks ago, I lost the charger to the camera that [livejournal.com profile] travellight so kindly let me borrow when mine died. It's not the same kind mine was, naturally, so the batteries and chargers and ports didn't match anything I had, which left me somewhat bereft. I used a real camera with film during the Great Snow Incident. I've used my phone for several things. But by God, I needed that charger.

Lo, I took myself to Target today and bought a universal charger.

"Universal," my ass. The one Nikon battery it doesn't fit? The one in this damn camera. It is not "universal." It might be MOSTLY universal, but that still means "only works sometimes."


For $29, you're damned right it's going to charge that battery. Face my wrath, my rubber band, and my duct tape, you non-universal impostor.


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