Jan. 29th, 2011

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My mom's birthday was Monday, and I didn't have time to get together what I wanted to do for her, so I just had the kids sing and we had a nice family dinner with her--my sister is "the bestest fish-maker in the whole world," according to Monster--and then I changed my mind entirely.

My mother has always had an affection for alphabet books, so this morning I am taking the kids on an alphabet scavenger hunt, and we're going to find letters and figure out what photo to put for each one. P is out of town all day, my parents are out of town, Beth's out of town. My sister is planning to hang with us later, and [livejournal.com profile] travellight might if she ever turns up, but I thought this would be fun and kinda cool.

I think we'll hit the mall--not the mall I stopped by yesterday, where I got trapped by a man telling me his life story, including the fact that he hasn't been able to relate to his own race since his accident outrunning the police and his mother and sister stole the $46K he found--and also head to the Village, and maybe run around Decatur or Little 5 a little.

Wish us luck and letters.


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