Mar. 17th, 2011

lemon_says: (Politics)
Everybody has gotten a bit link-happy, no?

Several times in the last few months--and by "several times" I mean at least twice a damn day--someone feels compelled to link me to something political. I've had more than one occasion on FB recently when I made a joke, clearly a JOKE, and it wound up prompting a discussion that usually included at least four links (usually from my left-wing buddies, who are always armed with 9 or 10 links, but the rights aren't exempt) about why it's actually way serious.

I appreciate earnestness and passion, but really? The whole thing is getting old.

So, if your link is from a notable left- or right-wing news source, please, don't link me. If it in any way casts the majority of the other side's adherents as whackos, don't bother. If it has that tone of moral superiority? Yeah, like I said, skip it.

Yesterday I saw an article that made me laugh because of the opening paragraph: President Obama’s only event at the White House that isn’t closed to the press on Wednesday is a ceremony in which he’ll accept an award for being open to the press.

I did not, however, link it on FB because I knew with 10 minutes my inbox would be flush with links about how OMG OBAMA IS AWESOME and DUBYA WAS WAY LESS AWESOME because he's TEH DEVIL and I just didn't want to deal with it. See, one belief I've always held is that just because someone else did it doesn't make it okay. That's why I hate things like the accusations being flung by BOTH SIDES (and don't you dare freaking link me why YOUR side isn't doing that) in Wisconsin. Yes, both sides have used totally unethical methods to force through legislation. I know this might be shocking for some of you, but there it is. That doesn't make it okay.

So, while some of you sit there stewing in your desire to link me to why your side is Right and all that is Good, I shall continue being my completely, utterly, moderate self, and ignore both the hysterics of the left and delusions of the right.

Don't send me link about that, ok?


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