Jul. 1st, 2011

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Big Ez was annoying Monster in the car on the way back from the movies and our errands today. It wasn't anything serious, just recreational heckling. Repeating what she says, doing the gesture that indicates "I'm watching you," (you know, where you point to your eyes and then the other person). When we went to Florida my mom was riding with us, so we moved Ez's seat over to the center to give her more room, and we just haven't put it back yet, so they're right next to each other. Normally this is not a problem.

But today, the boy just couldn't stop himself. He was carefully not doing anything TOO annoying so he couldn't get in real trouble. I reminded Monster that she could always just ignore him and look out the window, but that is hard when there is someone who has made it his personal mission just to be annoying.

Finally I said, "Okay, Ezra. That's enough. Pretend there is a wall between your seat and Anya's seat, and you cannot touch her or her seat."

There were about two minutes of silence. Then he said, "What's the wall made of?"

I said, "I don't know! Glass?"

Thirty seconds later, I heard Anya mutter, "Can it be a brick wall instead?" and I looked in the rear view to see Ez, doing his best mime-in-a-box routine on the "glass wall" between their seats.


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