Jan. 18th, 2011

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I wasn't full after dinner. I try not to eat until I'm full, although there are a few things that are so tasty that you keep eating even after you know you aren't hungry anymore just because it tastes good. I don't treat most food that way. I don't usually eat dessert unless I'm somewhere special--I'm not denying myself, I'm just not a huge dessert person--but for some reason I wanted to try the margarita cupcake and then it was really tasty.

So now I am full, and I loathe being full. It always makes me want to vomit. After I've eaten, the idea of food is often nauseating; there is nothing more repulsive than a fast food commercial after I have just eaten a meal, even if I ate a hummus wrap and an apple. I don't usually eat just for the sake of eating; something has to taste great or I have to be hungry. Like when [livejournal.com profile] travellight and I went to Murphy's a couple of weeks ago and I ate too much, and then I didn't eat for about 24 hours: a human anaconda, I just couldn't eat again until that whole lump was gone.

The feeling of "full" is a lot more uncomfortable to me than the feeling of "empty." After all, "empty" is so easy to fix: toss a few slices of cheese and some crackers or a banana on it, and it's gone. You can't fix "full." It's just...gross. I didn't even eat anything heavy or fatty or anything like that; it's just that damn cupcake, sitting on top of dinner.


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